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a twist on margarita featuring glacier vodka, pineapple juice &
roasted jalapeno with orange infused agave
decadent spin on a white russian featuring toasted marshmallows and our cinnamon moonshine
spicy ghost pepper vodka
mingles perfectly with warm cinnamon, bitey ginger, sweet apple & fresh orange
chai guy 2.JPG
chai tea infused vodka + loads of lemon goodness
AfterlightImage 34.JPG
perfectly salty, perfectly spicy
New Mule.jpg
delicious twist on a new classic : rosemary infused glacier vodka
with grapefruit bitters & ginger beer
our version of a lemon drop
crafted with locally made syrup
kincaid lemonade.jpg
fresh & flavorful vodka lemonade packed with cucumber, basil & blackberries
fennelicious 2.0.JPG
fennel infused vodka lemonade.
with tart blackberry and sweet peach
pecan of 1.JPG
this vodka based old fashioned
is packed full of orange, toasted pecan & vanilla. such a treat!
AfterlightImage 38.JPG
a fresh raspberry-orange
dessert cocktail
cinnamon, toasted marshmallow
and chocolate bitters compliment spicy ginger perfectly
incredibly refreshing 
incredibly delicious 
mulling spice infused glacier vodka makes this mule very merry!
dirty demetri.jpg
a spicy, salty, savory riff
on a dirty martini
glo up 2.JPG
a spiced concoction of ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, orange and ghost pepper vodka
the chilton.jpg
sea salt and lots of fresh lemon
whats not to love?
incredibly festive, 
incredibly delicious 
Vodka soda.jpg
meyer lemon & vanilla bean infused glacier vodka + club soda
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